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Saturday, March 28, 2015


I have another finish to show!  I am very pleased with this one, too.  It is pretty different from my last finish, just a few days ago, but also another one off my 2015 Finish Along, 1st Qtr list.  Please forgive the number of pictures, but I just couldn't decide which ones not to include :)
Some details before I get to the pictures:
  • This was a Blue Mountain Quilters Guild Round Robin, started way back in 2011. I made the centre block, and my BMQG friends (Gladys, Louise, Bridget, Bonnie and Mary) added the borders.  It has cured for several years, waiting for me to get up the nerve to quilt it the way I felt it should be quilted.  This year I felt ready.
  • The quilt finishes at about 50" x 54"
  • I used a double batt to emphasize the quilting - a layer of Legacy Wool over cotton batting.
  • Stitched with a combination of Aurifil 50# and Superior Bottomline on top and Bottomline in the bobbin throughout.
  • all stitching done on my Mega Quilter (set into a table)
  • I stitched in the ditch almost all seams
  • I marked the feather spines and the diamonds (in the first border) but all stitching was free motion on this one.
I love the colours on this and have called it Tranquility.  I hope you like it!

Happy quilting!

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

making progress

I've been plugging away at some old UFOs and have been making some good progress on my 1st Qtr Finish along projects.

A couple of weeks ago I took the stack of improv grey and yellow blocks that I won at a Vancouver MQG meeting, oh a couple of years back now, and fiddled and sliced and fiddled some more and put them together into a top that I was happy with.  I pieced some grey and yellow Grunge fabric together for a backing, and this past weekend I got it sandwiched and the quilting started. 

Grey and Yellow001
marked some concentric circles and then free motioned them before doing a little ruler work
Grey and Yellow002
Grey and Yellow003

Grey and Yellow007
Grey and Yellow009
Grey and Yellow005
I worked away on it and it is now finished!  Yay!

Linking up to The Needle and Thread Network this week - go see what other Canadian bloggers are up to!

Happy quilting! Janet

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Long overdue QuiltCon post

It's been a month since I got back from Quilt Con, and it still resonates very strongly!  Just looking through my pictures again today, takes me back to the show floor, and looking at the gorgeous display of quilts, and the tons of inspiration presented.  The vender mall was full of colour and inspiration too, as well as all kinds of tempting fabric, gizmos and gadgets.  I was good, and only bought a couple of yards of fabric - some Michael Miller Cotton Couture, some thread and a full set of circle templates for marking and quilting with.

While there was a full range and variety of workshops presented, they sold out pretty quickly, and I had decided that I would just go the lecture route, giving myself lots of time in the show, vender mall, and to explore Austin, which is a great city, with excellent food!  You haven't lived until you experience Gourdough's on a bitterly cold night with some fellow VMQG members!  There is something about eating doughnuts from a food truck, while huddled together for warmth that results in great hilarity, and we all know that laughter makes everything better, even walking to San Antonio!

The show - no surprise, my favourites in the show were quilts with lots of graphic appeal, and lots of gorgeous quilting.  Here is a sampling of some of what caught my eye.
Gorgeous texture by Chawne Kimber

Several pieces by Luke Haynes were in the show, and I attended a lecture by him.  Very inspiring!

The lovely Linda Hungerford happened to be volunteering near her quilt, so I was able to get her photo next to her quilt.  She is so inspiring - her quilting is all done on a domestic machine

To see the full list of the winners, please check this post from the MQG. There were amazing displays of quilting everywhere you looked.

Hmmm, will Pasadena be on my travel plans next year?  We'll have to wait and see!

Happy quilting!

Sunday, March 15, 2015

just where have I been?

Way back - a month ago - I said I was off to Quilt Con.  I've been and back, and as so many others have indicated, it was a fabulous experience.  I have some pictures to share, but I will do them in a separate post.  I think by now, you've probably seen and heard all the highlights, and seen lots of pictures.  Next time I'll show you my favourites.

I was also having computer issues before I went.  I'm happy to say that my new laptop has finally arrived - it very literally was on a slow boat from China! I am slowly getting used to it.  and am able to take real pictures with my camera instead of iPad pictures, although truth be told, there's probably not a great deal of difference in the quality!  I have Photoshop Elements and will be teaching myself the ins and outs of it, so hopefully, even if I don't take great pictures, I'll be able to dress them up and fool you all in to thinking I'm better at it then I am!  :)

I have been doing some sewing and quilting.  Many of you will know that I am easily distracted, and seldom work on one project at a time.  That has not changed!  I've been working away on this one

BMQG RoundRobin001
it is getting close, and I am really happy with how it is turning out.

BMQG RoundRobin002
BMQG RoundRobin003
Just have to decide on the quilting for the final border of HSTs.
I also decided that I needed to try out the Quick Curve Ruler that I bought quite some time ago.  A quick baby quilt was just the ticket, and I'm really happy with how easily and well this one came together!
Pink&Grey 3

Pink&Grey 1

Pink&Grey 2
I will definitely be using this ruler more!

I've also made progress on my VMQG block lotto grey and Kona Curry blocks - they are all together AND I've got the back pieced, ready to sandwich.  No pictures yet, but soon!  And, because I really have to start something new on a regular basis, I've got another baby quilt already to start quilting.  It was made using a 4" square charm pack of Vienna Nights by Three Sisters.  Oh yeah, I pulled out my Lone Star quilt I started 2 years ago, and that is now almost a finished top!  I need to get busy with that camera of mine, and start recording what I'm working on...

Happy quilting!

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Off to QuiltCon!

I'm heading off to Austin, Texas tomorrow morning for QuiltCon.  This is a modern quilting convention, with a massive quilt show, tons of lectures and workshops, and a few vendors thrown in for good measure!  Put on by The Modern Quilt Guild , this should be a wonderful time!  I am expecting to come back with a few goodies, and am really looking forward to meeting some blogging friends face to face.
Last night was our monthly Vancouver Modern Quilt Guild meeting.  As usual, it was lots of fun and very inspiring.  I managed to finish up the block lotto quilt I spoke about last time and took it in for show and tell.
VMQG block lotto

VMQG block lotto - back

It was also the first night for the 2015 round robin, so lots of mysterious brown paper bags were floating around containing people's starter blocks.  This was mine - improv. pieced and some low volume with Aqua/turquoise.  I won't see it again for 12 months!  It is going to be interesting to see what it looks like then!

VMQG - 2015 round robin starter block
Also last night, I received my copy of the new book Make It, Take It by Krista Hennebury, aka Poppyprint, who is a friend and fellow member of the VMQG.  This is a great book! Krista has compiled unique new patterns and designs from a variety of folks - many of whom are my blogging friends, and friends in real life! So fun!  I'm going to try to make all sixteen projects, which shouldn't be too tough 'cause they are all stinking cute!  I've already made my first project from it - a wonderful Double Scissor Keeper, designed by Amy Friend, During quiet time. It went together beautifully!  I can see this becoming a "go to" gift for sewing friends.  Definitely a book with something for everyone.

Make It Take It by Krista Hennebury - Poppyprint
Better make sure I'm all set for tomorrow - that alarm will be going off early!

Happy quilting! Janet

Monday, February 9, 2015

Retreat weekend at home!

It was one of those weekends that I had the place to myself, so I got to sew as much as I wanted too!  I've decreed 2015 to be my year of finishes, so this weekend I focused on making progress on a few projects that have been sitting around for awhile.  They are also on my 1st qtr FAL list and my VMQG UFO list.  I am bound and determined to get some of these things finished this year!  I've decided that I have to finish one old project and make headway on a second old project before I can start something new.  Let's see how long that lasts!  Ha!

Retreat Weekend at home
Saturday morning I worked on my BMQG round robin quilt.  Still doing the SID, but it is progressing and I'm deciding on other quilting ideas as I go.  I will need more thread, so I'll have to do a little shopping - maybe when I'm at QuiltCon?  I'm Pleased with my progress here.

Retreat weekend at home But, I needed a finish!  Back in November I started two tablerunners - I finished the blue one last week, and now I've finished the coral one.  So definitely not my usual colour, but it looks nice and springy, and I continued that idea by quilting daisies on it.  Quilted and bound - it is done!

Retreat weekend at home
Last night I was still in the mood to piece, so out came the blocks I won at a VMQG block lotto several years ago now.  Laid them out, shuffled them around, tried various smashing ideas, and then got to work.  By the end of the night I had a finished top.  Things didn't go as smoothly today.  In piecing the back I mis- calculated and cut my backing about 5 inches to narrow. This didn't come to light until I was getting ready to sandwich and spray baste.  Duh!  You'd have thought I would have had that right seeing as I was piecing three extra blocks into the back and had measured it only half a dozen times!  A little improv piecing and my back was wide enough.  It is all basted and ready to be quilted!

I think that was a pretty successful weekend!  Hope yours was at least half as good. I'll be linking up to The Needle and Thread Network later this week.

Happy quilting!

Saturday, January 31, 2015

Everything has its time

for the Tangled Textiles challenge group that I have been part of for the last four years, that time has come to an end, but it will not be forgotten!  This group challenged me to try different things, to come up with a new idea and a new small quilt for each theme.  I met seven other like minded individuals from around the world, and I've made some lasting friendships.  Thank you Beverly, Brigitte, Gina, Lisa, Judy, Nicolette and Vicki!  We had a lot of fun as we stretched our creative muscles!

If you pop over to the Tangled Textiles blog, you can read about our next challenge, and get a look at some of the wonderful quilts we produced.

Happy quilting! Janet